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Open Show 2017 Results

Best In Show Judge Mr Chris Quantrill

Best In Show- Mrs Ayres-Cousins Beagle Eardley Clare Voyant at Viracocha

Reserve Best In Show-Mrs Ashcroft's Siberian Husky, Ninlil of Poliarine Artika Over Zanjelic JW ShCM (imp LTU)

Best Puppy In Show-Mrs Walden's West Highland White Terrier Thozow Greta Expectations For Taramount

Reserve Best Puppy in Show- Mrs Betts' Tibetan Terrier Gandaki Baron Zeiland

Open Show 2016!

Was held on Saturday 23rd January 2016. The Best In Show judge was Mrs E. Cartledge.

The show was very successful and in 2016 we attracted an entry of over 100 dogs more than the previous year!



Best In Show was Mrs Meegan's Tibetan Terrier Kyipo Dramarama At Avaness.(B)

Reserve Best In Show Mrs Ashcroft's Siberian Husky Ninlil of Poliarine Arktika Over Zanjelic JW (imp LTU).(B)










Best Puppy in Show was  Hargreaves and Dancer's Irish Terrier  Montelle Sirona Flame (B).

Reserve Best Puppy In Show  Mrs Torrance's Lhasa Apso Sinyul Let There Be Love. (B).















Hound Group judge: Lynne Bateman.

Hound Group Winner: O'Day's Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen CH. Silvamoon Sweet Sapphire ShCM. (B)

Hound Puppy Group Winner: Price's Basset Wellsbayview Nemesis (B)


Gundog Group Judge: Derek Lade.

Gundog Group Winner: Hyden's English springer Spaniel Mompesson Sweet Revenge (B)

Gundog Puppy Group Winner: Griggs' Golden Retriever  Mulfield Imperial Topaz (B). 


Toy Group Judge: Vanda Smith.

Toy Group winner: Shennan's Affenpinscher Capricho Jubel For Ashiblack ShCM. (B).

Toy puppy group winner: Ryan's Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Cavalli Beautiful Life (IKC) (B).


Working Group Judge: Russell Jones.

Working Group Winner: Ashcroft's Siberian Husky Ninlil of Poliarine Arktika over Zanjelic JW (imp LTU). (B)

Working Puppy Group Winner: Offord's St. Bernard Fair Lady Faith of Kimaroff (B)


Pastoral Group Judge: Mylee Thomas.

Pastoral Group Winner: Rutterford's Shetland Sheepdog  CH. Kelgrove Just Blue At Stormhead JW ShCM (D).

Pastoral Puppy Group Winner: Grigg's Bearded Collie Malandex Diamond Xpression For Emazenridge (B)


Terrier Group Judge: Rachel Pearce

Terrier Group Winner: Ferguson's Manchester Terrier CH. Felfree Rocket ShCM (D)

Terrier Puppy Group Winner: Hargreaves and Dancer's Irish Terrier Montelle Sirona Flame. (B).


Utility Group Judge: Amanda Hearne.

Utility Group Winner: Meegan's Tibetan Terrier Kyipo Dramarama at Avaness (B).

Utility Puppy Group Winner: Torrance's Lhasa Apso Sinyul Let There Be Love (B)


AV Norman Field Memorial Stakes Winner: Wilson's Mellfield Jasper Conrad










AV Champion Stakes winner: Bartlett's CH. Carbonnie Callieco Star for Kelligrews JW  ShCM













Best Veteran  Whippet Shepherds Buebezi Cahoots with Oxana ShCM








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