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A Short History of The Club

Dog Training classes are held every Monday at Princes Risborough community Centre in Buckinghamshire.



Although the society was founded in 1932, our records first started in 1947 when the society was restarted after the end of the Second World War.

An interesting excerpt from the minutes of the AGM held on 21st January 1948 reads: 

"The Chairman suggested a show in March, venue to be arranged: an open-air show in August in Loakes Park; another in conjunction with the High Wycombe joint show in December, venue to be arranged." (Loakes Park was Wycombe Wanderers FC club house and ground and is now the site of the car park of Wycombe Hospital.)

-If only Kennel Club Licences, venues and judges could be obtained as quickly nowadays.

In the event, a 75 class Open Show was held in Loakes Park on 29th May 1948 (entry fee 2s6d, catalogues 2s6d, car park 2s6d) and drew 671entries.


In the following years a pattern emerged of holding two 25-class Sanction Shows a year in the evening or on a Saturday afternoon. These were replaced by a Members' Limited Show. There are no financial accounts available for these shows but in 1949 a profit of £9 at one show is noted in the minutes, and in 1950 a profit of £15 is recorded at another.


It is interesting to note that in those days the presence of a veterinary surgeon was required at shows so that the health of every dog entered could be checked.


A Minute from a Committee Meeting held in July 1961 reads:

"The question of an Open Show was discussed and it was felt that until the society had a balance of about £150 the project could not be considered, but it was fully realized that an open show in the future  is our objective."


However, an Open show was held in June 1963 on the Cricket Ground of West Wycombe Park when the hiring of two marquees cost £82.8s.0d. ; and six vets were required for the entry of 583 dogs making 1205 entries.


Afterwards a pattern gradually developed of three shows a year, an Open Show in January in Slough Community Centre, a two day benched and tented Open Show in May on the Rye in High Wycombe, and a Members' Limited Show in St. Leonards Church Hall in Watlington. The Members' Limited Show then moved to Haddenham Village Hall.


With Slough Community Centre being refurbished and the cost of hiring marquees becoming prohibitive, both shows from 1982 were held at the Sports Centre of Brunel University in Uxbridge.


Unfortunately, from 2003, Brunel University was no longer available for hire for non-sporting events and now our two weekend shows are one enlarged Open Show in January in the Montem Sports Centre in Slough. We also no longer hold a members Limited Show.




Training classes have been held at various venues: the tin hut beside the Crown pub, Hazlemere (now the site of the car park); the tin hut beside the church at Totteridge (site now occupied by houses); Prestwood Village Hall, Penn Street Village Hall (now demolished); Great Kingshill Village Hall and now at Princes Risborough Community Centre.


The first set of obedience classes to be included at shows was in 1955 when they were guaranteed by Wycomb Dog Training Society. Later they were regularly included and over the years, increased until, in 2001, five classes drew 582 entries from 384 dogs and required 12 rings.


Unfortunately, once Brunel University closed its doors to dog shows we have been unable to find a venue large enough to accomodate the obedience section and so since then there have been no obedience classes.


However, Dog Training classes for Ringcraft as well as general dog obedience still continues in Princes Risborough Community Centre in Buckinghamshire. We also now incoporate the Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme in our dog training lessons.


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