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Dog Training Classes in Buckinghamshire.


Puppy Dog Training

In our puppy class we incorporate socialisation of your puppy and basic obedience dog training techniques. We also cover the Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme Puppy foundation course.

Beginners and Bronze Award Dog Training

For dogs who are beginners or have progressed from the puppy class. This dog training class will also work towards The Kennel Club Good Citizen Bronze Award.

 Intermediate Adult and Silver Award Dog Training

This class is for dogs who have progressed from the Beginners class. In this dog training class we progress onto more challenging obedience training including longer stays and more lead control. This culminates in acheiving The Silver Good Citizen award.

Advanced Adult and Gold Award + Dog Training

This is the top class. It is for those dogs who have passed both the bronze award and the silver award. In this advanced level obedience dog training class dogs are trained to be left alone for short periods and to do longer stays, some of which is out of sight of the owner.

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